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Someone brought me the cylinders from their Polaris 550.  They had burned a piston and one of the cylinders was a little scuffed up.

This engine has traditional aluminum cylinders with cast iron bores.  These are very robust and can take a lot of abuse.  Modern (or high performance) engines have cylinders that are all aluminum with some kind of chrome or Nikasil plating on them.  Plated cylinders allow for greater engine performance (I think it is due to better heat transfer ability), but they don't seem to be as durable when things blow up.  Once the plating starts to flake off the bore you need to have the cylinder replated or replaced.

For this job I am using a cheap "glaze breaker" type tool.  This tool is inexpensive and available at any auto parts store.  It is not a true hone.  It is only used to fixing minor surface defects.  If you have a cylinder that needs to be resized or you need to fix an out of round condition you need a much more complicated and expensive hone like this.

Lisle 16580 16000 Hone Stones For Nikasil Cylinders

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I agree

2008-07-28 10:22:52 by jonkun227

Locally we have two very popular classified sites: Craigslist and one run by a local TV station.
The craigslist site has all small engine vehicles (all types of motorcycles, atvs, dune buggies, etc.) in one category. And accessories, parts, and clothing often get flagged off.
The other site has the following categories and current number of listings in each:
ATV Parts (412)<...cles, Road Bikes Used category alone gets many times more listings every day than Craigslist's entire generic Motorcycles/Scooters category does.
I don't think Craigslist necessarily needs that many categories, but perhaps Dirt Bikes, Road Bikes, ATVs, Snowmobiles, and Gear/Clothing.
_The easier it is for buyers the more likely it will be used by sellers._
- Jon

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Johnson Snowmobile - YouTube

Johnson Snowmobile. ScottAtwater1. Подписаться. 88 видео. Загрузка... Для воспроизведения видео требуется браузер с поддержкой HTML5 или Adobe Flash.

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